Zoopla has launched AdReach 2.0, a digital marketing tool for housebuilders.

The tool unlocks leads for housebuilders by identifying relevant home movers before they have started browsing portals or development websites, according to Zoopla.

AdReach 2.0 is powered by predictive, data-science technology, which draws on over 50 individual data points that correspond with any given property in the UK.

Zoopla unveils its company vision

This can be up to 12 months in advance, surfacing relevant development marketing to them when they are using social media channels, such as Facebook.

Zoopla detailed that AdReach 2.0 supports housebuilders at every stage of a development’s life cycle, from planning through to sales.

In addition, it supports housebuilders who are launching a development off-plan, and are looking to build a database of relevant homemovers ahead of time.

In 2020, the tool generated 29,347 leads, with a 2.8% average click through rate.

AdReach 2.0 is available in three packages, with the ability to dial up or down usage depending on need.

Alex Rose, director of new homes at Zoopla, said: “Housebuilders are at the heart of everything we do, and the launch of AdReach 2.0 comes in direct response to feedback about what matters most to them, where their challenges lie, and how we can help.

“Based on AdReach, the market leading product that our customers know and love, powered by our unique first-party data, AdReach 2.0 is the first product in its generation to identify pre-consideration audiences, in turn putting developments front and centre of prospective homemovers’ Facebook profiles before they’ve even started browsing portals of housebuilders’ websites.

“AdReach 2.0 is founded on market leading consultancy and a commitment to innovate, and guarantees a return on investment for our customers, making it a low-risk, high-reward proposition for the market.”