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HQM Loans is here to help you make financing as easy as possible. We offer plenty of mortgage products for every type of buyer – including extensive first-time home buyer programs. We know how to work with you to make the home buying experience as seamless as possible.

List of items we need for clients looking to purchase

  • First, we need you to fill out a loan application (Please fill out the highlighted sections)
  • Fill out the Appraisal Order Form to this email ( We will not order your appraisal until after your loan is approved )
  • We need the last two years of Tax Returns
  • We need the last two years of W-2's (If you do not have the last year W-2 or Tax Return, please send us your last paystub from last year)
  • We need your last 30 days worth of Paystubs
  • We need your last 60 days worth of Bank Statements (Please provide all pages, even if they are completely blank)
  • We need a copy of your Drivers License (You can take a picture and text it to John)
  • We need a copy of your Sales Contract (When it is finalized and signed)
  • We Need the Name, Number and Email of your Attorney
  • FOR SELF EMPLOYED BORROWERS If reporting as a 1099, or LLC, Two Most recent years of Tax Returns.
  • If reporting as an S corp or other form of Corporation: Most recent 2 years of 1120S Corporate Returns and K-1’s IF there are rental properties or second homes owned
  • Most recent Mortgage Statement and Homeowners Declaration Page and Flood Declaration page if applicable.
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