Home Refinance

What You Will Need


  • First, we need you to fill out a loan application (Please fill out the highlighted sections)
  • We need the last two years of Tax Returns
  • We need the last two years of W-2’s (If you do not have the last year W-2 or Tax Return, please send us your last paystub from last year)
  • We need your last 30 days worth of Paystubs
  • We need your last 60 days worth of Bank Statements (Please provide all pages, even if they are completely blank)
  • We need a copy of your Drivers License (You can take a picture and text it to John)
  • We need a copy of your current Mortgage Bill for any properties owned
  • We need a copy of your current tax bill (If you can not locate it, don’t worry about it)
  • Lastly, we need a copy of your Homeowners Insurance Dec page
  • FOR SELF EMPLOYED BORROWERS If reporting as a 1099, or LLC, Two Most recent years of Tax Returns.
  • If reporting as an S corp or other form of Corporation: Most recent 2 years of 1120S Corporate Returns and K-1’s IF there are rental properties or second homes owned
  • Most recent Mortgage Statement and Homeowners Declaration Page and Flood Declaration page if applicable.