Zillow, in celebration of the National Voter Registration Day, has launched a new service that makes it easier for renters to register to vote.

The company announced Tuesday that it would be providing renters with resources that would make registering to vote in their new location or verifying their registration status simpler. Zillow said that it wants to remove barriers to accessible voter registration information, which studies show is the top cause of low voter turnout in the US.

“Moving can be a stressful time, and renters already have a lot on their plates. Zillow’s new voter registration resource reaffirms our commitment to making it easier to move from one home to the next,” said Dawn Lyon, chief corporate relations officer of Zillow.

The resource will automatically prompt renters who sign their next lease through Zillow Rentals to register to vote. Once they submit their signed documents, the prompt will direct renters to a new Zillow Votes registration page, which leads people to voter registration databases and resources for the jurisdiction where the lease was signed.

Zillow said that this tool is now a standard feature in the rental process and is available to all rental customers using Zillow nationwide.

“The renter voter registration and election resource support our customers and complements the resources and paid time off Zillow is providing to our employees to help them exercise their right to vote.”  

In addition to providing employees with voter registration and ballot information, Zillow is giving its employees up to eight hours off from work with pay to cast a ballot and/or serve as a poll worker from Oct. 6 until the Nov. 3 general election. Zillow has also teamed up with other companies through Time to Vote and Civic Alliance, which are non-partisan coalitions working to increase voter participation in elections across the country.