Wipro Gallagher Solutions (WGS), a provider of loan origination software, has collaborated with EXOS Technologies to create “optimum digital experiences” for both lenders and borrowers.

The companies announced combining the WGS NetOxygen Launchpad and NetOxygen LOS systems with the EXOS platform to give lenders a fully integrated, end-to-end digital mortgage experience.

“Together we are creating a true digital experience focused both on the lender and the borrower,” said Scott Dunn, head of product management and strategy at Wipro Gallagher Solutions. “EXOS shares our vision of creating optimum digital experiences for all involved in the origination process, and we are excited to have this strategic partnership in place.”

The integration increases transparency and accelerates turnaround times by enabling users to digitally schedule their appraisal and signing appointments directly through the Launchpad portal, at the time and date that is convenient for them. Borrowers will then receive instant appointment notification, which includes information about their appraiser or signing agent.

Additionally, the partnership allows lenders to obtain a title complexity decision in seconds and most title commitments in minutes – removing the need to rely on multiple systems throughout the mortgage origination process.

“Borrowers these days are shifting their expectations. They demand streamlined, digital experiences in all aspects of their lives and financing a home is no different,” said Kiran Vattem, chief digital and technology officer of EXOS. “By working with WGS, we look forward to transforming the overall consumer experience and delivering the kind of end-to-end mortgage solution that empowers lenders and their loan officers.”