WFG Lender Services has added a new offering to its MyHome suite that expedites refinance transactions.

Initially launched in 2015, MyHome is a platform for the residential resale market. It provides a timeline view of the entire escrow process, enables pro-active communication, as well as facilitates data and document collection, storage and sharing.

Building on the popularity of the original MyHome, WFG released MyHome Exchange, an easy-to-use ecosystem that speeds up the closing process by making it easier for borrowers to submit their required information and documents.

Dan Bailey, senior vice president at WFG Lender Services, said MyHome Exchange “will solve similar problems in the refinance space, which have been exacerbated by the huge volumes we’re now seeing.”

“We designed MyHome to be intuitive and simple for borrowers to understand as they move through the collaboration process,” Bailey said. “We are excited to extend the benefits of MyHome further into the refinance segment with the introduction of MyHome Exchange and look forward to collaborating with our lender partners to create a better experience for all transaction participants, particularly their customers.”