New-builds are selling for 29% more than existing homes, according to research conducted by Warwick Estates.

The North East is home to the greatest new-build price premium at 53%, with Scotland (44%) and the East Midlands (40%) also performing well.

At just 3%, London is home to the lowest new-build price premium when compared to the wider market.

However, this premium can climb far higher when analysing the market at local authority level.

In Harlow, the average new-build house price is currently £565,501, 106% more than the average of £275,077 seen across the existing market.

Blaenau Gwent is also home to high prices, coming in 99% higher than the wider market, with Gravesham (93%) and Preston (90%) also home to a 90%-plus price premium.

Torfaen (89%), West Dunbartonshire (87%), Rochford (87%), Middlesbrough (83%), Merthyr Tydfil (80%) and Nuneaton and Bedworth (80%) also rank within the top 10 highest new-build house price premiums.

Emma Power, chief operating officer of Warwick Estates, said: “Despite the uncertainty posed by the pandemic the UK housing market has boomed and this is no different where the new-build market is concerned.

“New-build homes have continued to command a price premium in every region of Britain and this is not only good news for those developers delivering them to market, but also to new-build homebuyers who continue to see their investment hold its value.

“In the best performing areas, new build property prices are as much as double that of the existing market which is proof of the value being added by the sector to the wider DNA of the national property market.”