Uinsure has launched a technology platform that aims to remove insurance complexity for advisers and their clients.

In addition, it has unveiled a brand refresh for the first time.

The new platform enables advisers to receive an insurance quote across home, buy-to-let and non-standard in three questions, name, date of birth and postcode.

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According to the firm, from there, advisers can configure the cover and apply within minutes.

It can now also be accessed anywhere, on any device and includes features such as giving clients the choice to progress their application in their own time once the quote has been configured.

The platform uses big data to remove traditional lengthy, complex question sets, and it accesses new build postcode data up to six months before postcodes are minted by Royal Mail.

Referrals to Uinsure’s GI advisers can now also be made in a few clicks and there is the ability for advisers to flag customer vulnerabilities.

Martin Schulthiess, chief commercial officer of Uinsure, said: “Our adviser platform introduces innovation that gives advisers the opportunity to outstrip the advantages of directto-consumer insurance distributors and deliver greater value to consumers across home, BTL/landlords and non-standard insurance in one location.

“Our tech has always been a key differentiator and now that we’ve upgraded this even further, we’re able to be agile, which is now more important than ever against the demand from advisory businesses to digitise their businesses too.

“There’s a big difference between a company that offers technology and actually being a technology company.

“The latter is the journey that Uinsure has been working towards for the last 36 months. It’s been tough at times; building technology is hard but building technology that makes a difference is even harder.

“It has required a fundamental shift in culture, structure, process and a complete obsession about our partner and customer needs.

“We’re now seeing this investment pay off with the delivery of our new adviser platform and a refreshed brand to match our ambitions.

“We’re so excited about the future and this is just the first of several new technology solutions that will be released in 2021.”

Lauren Bagley, chief partnerships and marketing officer of Uinsure, added: “Uinsure’s rebrand is not just cosmetic.

“It represents a maturing of the company, from the inside out that is setting the pace and responding to the demands of our industry by designing the experiences, products and services advisers and their clients expect.

“The value that is enabled through our technology is the toughest thing to communicate. Words only means so much – you have to be the words and hence our decision to refresh the brand.”