Twenty7Tec has built an integrated search facility for mortgage product, criteria and lender affordability calculations.

The facility called ‘SOURCE Plus’ allows advisers to begin the advice journey in any of the three areas of eligibility, product, criteria or affordability.

It allows for client data to only be entered once, before overlaying results from the other areas into one single results screen.

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The tool and criteria elements of the facility has been built by Twenty7Tec, whilst the affordability element has been integrated into the CloudTwenty7 platform using Experian’s affordability module.

SOURCE Plus will be available to all existing subscribers of the CloudTwenty7 platform, at an additional monthly cost of £3 plus VAT per user per month.

The facility will be available from the 5 of April.

Phil Bailey, sales director of Twenty7Tec, said: “With our release of SOURCE Plus, we have taken the integration of product and criteria one step further, adding affordability into the mix and enabling advisers to search across all three areas from one single set of client data, viewing combined results on one single screen.

“Being able to offer a fully integrated advice journey across all three areas of eligibility will become the industry standard, and we are delighted to have delivered this solution”.

Lisa Fretwell, managing director of data services at Experian, added: “Brokers can often find themselves capturing customer data through multiple systems, which only slows down the whole mortgage process and leaves less time to provide much needed advice.

“SOURCE Plus gives brokers access to quick, accurate and detailed affordability for lenders, making the process a lot more efficient.

“Importantly, more attention can be paid giving customers valuable guidance that can help make those home buying dreams become a reality.

“We’re excited to be working alongside Twenty7Tec to introduce the next generation of mortgage technology.”