Despite considerate clients, Luchko was frustrated by that fact that some of the biggest challenges during 2020 were ones out of his control. One example is appraisals: “You’re at the appraiser’s mercy not only in terms of turnaround time, but also what the values come in at,” he says. 

Another roadblock, at least in his market, was getting tax certifications or certain items from title; the pandemic caused some counties or cities to experience serious delays in getting these items in. As a result, Luchko says he spent a lot of time explaining to clients “that it’s not on them and it’s not on me – it’s just the industry and the environment we’re in.” 

That low-inventory, low-rate market also meant an increased sense of urgency from clients, and Luchko says that drive to pounce is warranted. Whether it’s 10 p.m. on a weekday or mid-afternoon on a Sunday, he says you’ve got to get back to the client when they want to make an offer because everything has to be “done on time and done quickly in this environment.” 

With so many changes in the market, quotes are another area of uncertainty. It’s the originator’s job to be honest with clients upfront that this could change dramatically in a day, and it’s something that’s out of their control completely. 

“As long as you’re honest with people and you talk to them straight, early and often, you’re not going to have many customer service issues,” Luchko says.