The Right DA Club rebrands with a new website, which has been influenced by its directly authorised members.

According to the club, this decision reflects its position with directly authorised firms, and brokers wishing to become directly authorised.

Alongside the launch of a new website, a core focus of the rebrand is around their updated compliance off-the-shelf packages, which are ready for directly authorised members to use upon joining The Right DA Club.

Dudley Building Society rebrands

The packages titled ‘DA Club Membership’ and ‘DA Club Plus+’ have been created to ensure members are able meet all of their regulatory requirements.

Martin Wilson, chief executive at The Right DA Club, said: “As we’re in a new year and The Right DA Club continues to experience growth in our team and our members, it only makes sense to take considerable steps to ensure our brand reflects our position as a leading club for our members, and those wishing to take the leap to become directly authorised.

“Our DA club members have access to comprehensive compliance support provided by a team of financial services experts, and as result I feel our new compliance packages really accentuate what directly authorised members are looking for when considering going directly authorised, or looking for a new club.

“With the appointment of our dedicated staff, we expect a reinvigorated and reimagined approach to our directly authorised members, as we continue to support them with their businesses and our offering.”