Several lenders have made changes to their rates and updated their mortgage ranges this week.

Here are the highlights:

Nationwide Building Society

Marking a return of high LTV products into the market, Nationwide Building Society are now offering a 2-year fixed rate mortgage at 90% LTV.

MT Finance reduces rates and increases maximum LTV

The rate is 3.49% fixed for two years, is available to first-time buyers and has no product fee.

The product includes free valuation and £500 cashback and has achieved an ‘Outstanding’ Moneyfacts product rating.

Eleanor Williams, finance expert at, said: “Nationwide Building Society has reduced various rates across its residential mortgage range this week by up to 0.45%.

“The 2-year fixed product for first-time buyers at 90% loan-to-value has received a cut of 0.25% and is now priced at 3.49%.

“This product carries a generous incentive package of a free valuation and also £500 cashback, which could well appeal to those hoping to keep the outgoings associated with setting up their first mortgage to a minimum, as may the fact that there is no fee to pay.

“This combination of rate and features sees the deal secure an Outstanding Moneyfacts product rating.”

Newcastle Building Society

Newcastle Building Society is offering a 2-year fixed rate mortgage at 85% LTV.

The rate is fixed at 2.85% until the 30 June 2023, is available to all borrowers and has no product fee.

There is free valuation included with the product and it allows for overpayments.

This rate has also received an ‘Outstanding’ Moneyfacts product rating.

Commenting on the deal, Eleanor Williams said: “This week, Newcastle Building Society has reduced the rates on its 85% loan-to-value offerings.

“The largest cut of 0.29% has been applied to the two-year deal, which carries no fee and is now priced at 2.85% until 30 June 2023.

“This deal is available to both those purchasing or those remortgaging.

“Despite there being some slightly lower rates on offer within this sector of the market, this combination of competitive rate, no fee to pay and also the incentive of a free valuation, could ensure it is a tempting proposition for those with the required 15% equity or deposit and this deal secures an Outstanding Moneyfacts product rating as a result.” 


HSBC have released a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 60% LTV.

The product has a 1.39% fixed rate until 31 May 2026 and comes with a product fee of £999.

It is available to all borrowers and comes with free valuation and for those remortgaging, free legal fees.

This product update follows HSBC’S re-entry into the 90% LTV market earlier this month.

The product allows for overpayments and has been awarded an ‘Excellent’ Moneyfacts product rating.

Eleanor Williams added: “HSBC made a number of updates to its mortgage range this week, which has included the launch of a selection of products at 90% loan-to-value, as well as various fixed rates being reduced.

“One of those deals to see a cut in rate is the 60% loan-to-value 5-year fixed rate deal.

“Dropping from 1.44% to just 1.39%, this product provides not only an attractive rate, which would remain stable and enable customers to budget for the initial five-year fixed term, but also a comprehensive incentive package of free valuation, while those remortgaging can also benefit from free legal fees.

“There is a reasonable product fee of £999, which borrowers should note would need to be paid upfront.

“Overall, this deal earns an Excellent Moneyfacts product rating.”