Health and protection insurer, The Exeter, has made enhancements to the application process for its life insurance product, Real Life. 

Launched in 2018, Real Life is designed for adults living with multiple health conditions or complex medical histories who may find it difficult to find cover.

In response to adviser feedback, The Exeter has enhanced its application process by introducing a quick quote option which allows advisers to speak directly with an underwriter to receive an indicative loading based on a brief discussion about the client’s individual circumstances.

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Advisers can then receive an instant quote by inputting the client’s details and the indicative loading, without the need to answer complicated underwriting questions.

The new quick quote option also allows advisers to edit the loading or amend the sum assured and policy term to get another quote immediately, giving them the opportunity to provide clients with a range of quotes to suit their budget and needs.

The new option complements the existing journey, which provides instant, partially-underwritten quotes for clients with specific health conditions, including diabetes and heart issues.

Chris Pollard, chief operating officer at The Exeter, said: “For advisers with clients who have an extensive or complicated medical history, finding insurance can be a difficult process, particularly in the initial stages when trying to select the most suitable cover.

“However, with one in four adults in the UK living with multiple health conditions and a greater incidence of disease affecting modern society, there is a clear need  to improve accessibility to life insurance and help meet the needs of those who perhaps are not in ‘perfect health’.

“The latest enhancements to our application journey for our Real Life product is an important step towards simplifying and streamlining the process so that advisers and their customers can more easily find the right policy for them.”