Tandem Bank has acquired Bank and Clients’ (B&C) £100m mortgage book.

This transaction will be disruption free for the 300 customers who will become official Tandem Bank customers on 22 February.

Customers’ mortgages and their B&C mortgage servicing teams will be transferring over to Tandem, with customers not having to do anything during this process.

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Customers will also see no changes to the terms and conditions of their mortgages.

Paul Noble, chief commercial officer at Tandem Bank, said: “We are pleased to welcome our new customers to Tandem Bank and look forward to giving them the first class Tandem service.

“In 2020 we committed to becoming the UK’s first good green bank and our mortgage offering will be a huge part of that.

“We offer a range of products and services, to help customers not only get the best deals and rates, but to help them make their homes and financial products more environmentally friendly.

“We are excited to onboard our new customers and look forward to continuing with our green journey with a wide range of green products and services expected in the coming months.”

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