TAB has appointed Air Cover as its retained PR agency with the partnership beginning immediately.

The lender has hired Air Cover to communicate with mortgage brokers via its specialist trade media and national press.

The campaign will also focus on the investment opportunity that the growing secured lending market represents.

James Staunton, director of Air Cover, said: “TAB sees the value in the research specialism Air Cover can bring to bear on their section of the market.

“They aren’t interested in a purely nuts and bolts, bread and butter PR programme.

“They want to do something more thoughtful and creative that embodies their ethos and reflects their belief in transparency.”

Duncan Kreeger chief executive and founder of TAB added: “TAB is trustworthy, reliable, and we look after our customers’ money.

“Air Cover PR will help us convey that while creating educational, insightful content which demonstrates we have a knowledgeable and intelligent team.

“I’ve worked with James before – he developed a bridging index for me – and I know we’re in good hands.

“If development finance and industry bridging news are still seen as something of a Wild West area, James is the comms sheriff who is going to help bring law and order to the chaos.

“We want people to trust the brand and that can only happen if our comms team can bring our commitment to transparent, open and honest communication to life.”