Sunderland poses greatest yields at 5.3%, according to data collected by Rentround on behalf of Thirlmere Deacon.

The data was recorded before the spring lockdown and after.

Liverpool recorded the second highest yields at 5.22% and was followed by Blackpool at 4.58%.

The remaining top 10 included Cleveland at 4.55%, Swansea at 4.53%, Cardiff at 4.49% and Newcastle at 4.47%.

Stuart Williams, founder and chief executive of Thirlmere Deacon, said: “Newcastle was recently listed in PWC’s Good Growth for Cities report as one of the UK’s top 5 most improved city regions.

“Economists are also predicting that, throughout the 2020s, 14,000 new jobs will be created in the city.

“It’s a great place to invest as demand for quality rental accommodation is high amongst students and young professionals.”

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