Fintech firm StreamLoan, a provider of digital tools for mortgage lenders, has partnered with Progressive Insurance to integrate homeowners insurance quoting into the digital mortgage process.

StreamLoan said that the integration “builds on Progressive Insurance’s ‘HomeQuote Explorer’ platform, which allows homeowners and home buyers to compare quotes from multiple carriers to find the best option that works for them to protect their homes.”

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“Working with mobile-first digital mortgage software company StreamLoan, Progressive is able to meet homebuyers in the digital mortgage process and use information they’ve already entered to serve up homeowners’ insurance quotes with only one click,” StreamLoan said.

“Ease, mobility and speed are what customers expect,” said Tammy Loucks, business leader of direct quoting at Progressive Insurance. “Offering homeowners quotes with one click right at the point in the mortgage process where borrowers need to enter insurance information is a great example of how we’re making sure our customer experience is best-in-class.”

“Ensuring a homeowners insurance policy is secured and the information is in the system is a critical step before mortgage underwriters can finalize a loan,” said Stephen Bulfer, chief executive officer at StreamLoan. “Having Progressive’s quoting engine built right into our platform saves borrowers time and removes a roadblock for lenders to getting the loan closed.”