California-based Sovereign Lending Group has announced that it is planning to recruit 2,000 new employees over the next year.

The VA mortgage lender claimed that, despite the coronavirus pandemic, it has grown its company by 20% in the past month alone.

“Sovereign Lending Group is highly skilled in a wide range of services and is growing the team to reach new heights,” the company said in a press release. “If you have been laid off or are looking for a career change, Sovereign Lending Group is expanding its team and creating new opportunities for those looking for a career in the mortgage lending business.”

Driven by a surge in home-buying demand, several mortgage companies have been on the hunt for recruits to help meet borrowers’ needs.

Last month, Freedom Mortgage announced expanding its hiring efforts to keep up with growing demand for home financings. The mortgage giant is looking to add 3,000 employees over the next six months.

Another company in the process of recruiting new employees is Embrace Home Loans. To meet business demand, the firm is actively hiring retail loan officers, underwriters, and loan processors in three of its business channels.