Smartr365 has launched HomeBuyer, a white-labelled brand that gives brokers the ability to create bespoke marketing material.

Available to all users at no additional cost, HomeBuyer lets brokers create content with digital asset templates ready for customisation, along with customising all client-facing tools within Smartr365 with their own branding, through the HomeBuyer Hub.

Custom assets include a range of marketing materials such as email banners, social media content, and posters.

These can also be customised with a second firm’s logo for joint marketing, as well as a unique QR code or weblink to directly connect leads to the user’s business.

Brokers can also ensure that tools such as the Client Portal, FactFind, and other borrower-facing parts of the Smartr365 journey are in their branding.

Through the HomeBuyer Hub, users will also be able to access a booklet that explains the workings and benefits of Smartr365’s HomeBuyer app, which will also be customisable through HomeBuyer.

This can be shared with clients and other third parties as part of the user’s broader marketing efforts.

Conor Murphy, chief executive at Smartr365, said: “The fierce competition in today’s mortgage market brings the importance of marketing to the fore.

“We are therefore extremely proud to share our latest innovation to help users create bespoke materials that amplify the reputation and awareness of their work at no additional cost, and together with the HomeBuyer app transform a broker’s lead generation.

“The ability to customise client-facing tools to deliver a tailored user journey is another key part of this and adds to the overall Smartr365 experience for both broker and borrower.

“Today’s announcement is testament to our commitment to helping users to work on their business, as well as within it.

“This is the latest step in a very exciting journey and we look forward to enhancing our offering in the coming months.”