SDL Surveying has received and completed a record number of jobs for a single month in June whilst also recruiting more in-house surveyors.

SDL Surveying returned to physical inspections on properties in England on 13 May, following the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions, and said that its first, full completed month since then was a record one for the business in terms of received and completed jobs.

It said that during June, 73% of its surveyors completed six or more jobs every single day of the month.

surveyors entering homes

SDL Surveying reports strong job completion levels for May

During the month it had also trained six surveyors remotely and they had started work within the business, with four more offers having been made to new surveyors.

In addition, SDL had also trained 14 new network panel surveyors in June to further expand its surveying capacity.

Meanwhile, the business also recruited four new people as part of its operations team during the month.

SDL said it continued to see growing demand for its services with the operational team experiencing extremely high call volumes during June, while still maintaining an exceptional high service level with no dropped calls for the second month running.

Simon Jackson, managing director of SDL Surveying, said: “Given that June was our first full month back out in the field conducting physical inspections since the lockdown restrictions were eased, we anticipated that our numbers would look strong.

“However, even we have been surprised by the significant demand, the growth in appointments, and the number of jobs our surveyors were able to complete.

“This was a record month on many counts, and in order to maintain those levels and to continue the quality of our service, we have needed to recruit more staff both internally as part of operations and surveying services, but also bringing on board more network panel firms.

“In that regard, our recruitment team works incredibly hard and it’s clear that the quality of our offering is bringing a greater level of interest in joining us, especially as we grow our lender relationships and we’re able to offer consistent levels of work.

“It will be interesting to see how the market kicks on from here, and what impact the government announcement on stamp duty will begin to have, but we’re optimistic of growing levels of activity throughout the rest of 2020 and into next year.”