Saffron for Intermediaries will be holding a webinar focusing on ex-pat buy-to-let.

The event, which will be available online from 11am on 20 November, is the third in the series for the lender.

Moreover, the webinar will also offer thirty minutes to intermediaries to ask case-specific questions in the second Criteria Clinic.

Last chance to register for today’s webinar on working through the new abnormal

The series of webinars titled, SFI Live, feature on-demand videos that include podcasts, email communications, and website updates on hot topics of discussion in the industry, education around new and existing products, and updating intermediaries with useful information.

Tony Hall, interim head of mortgage sales, and Holly Andrews, BDM team leader at Saffron for Intermediaries, will be on the panel.

Furthermore, the broadcast will be an interactive, live webinar, with independent host Jay Evans receiving questions from the viewers and putting them directly to the panel during the broadcast.

Hall, said: “We have been amazed by the reaction and success of the SFI series. It is interesting to communicate directly with brokers in a fresh, modern, and non-intrusive way – I think it is informative for both of us.

“We are once again opening the floor for intermediaries to ask case-specific questions relating to criteria. We will be live, and Andrews and I will try to answer as many questions as we can in the hour available, so we would encourage as many people as possible to join us, if they can.”