Income Protection Task Force (IPTF) co-chairs Roy McLoughlin and Kevin Carr will be stepping down from at the end of this year.

Carr said: “It’s been a great three years since Roy and I took over from Peter Le Beau.

“We’ve worked hard to help grow the [income protection (IP)] market, including revitalising the Seven Families project and a range of other important industry issues and initiatives.

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“Most importantly we have seen IP sales continue to rise every year and we believe that the role of IPTF has never been more important.”

McLoughlin said: “We wish the group well for the future and look forward to seeing what direction the task force takes in the years ahead.

“I’ve been involved with the task force from day one, sitting on the exec and latterly as co-chair.

“Seven Families has been the most dynamic and powerful campaign I have had the privilege in taking part in and I will continue to be the task force’s greatest advocate.”

Jo Miller, head of operations at the IPTF, said: “Kevin and Roy breathed new life into the IPTF and have delivered great value for the industry over the last three years.

“We now begin the process of seeking a new co-chair(s), who could potentially come from any area of the industry.

“We are talking to members about the future direction of the group and welcome contact from anyone in the protection industry with appropriate experience and energy who might be interested in taking over.”

Carr added: “Over the last three years IP sales have almost doubled and we’d like to thank all the IPTF members past and present for working with us and listening to our ideas.

“We’d especially like to thank the members of the executive committee too, who contribute so much behind the scenes.”