Resource Financial Services Inc. takes pride in being a boutique company with small business values, and attributes its designation as a Top Mortgage Workplace – and its overall success as a company – to those core values.

“Respect, integrity, service and excellence – RISE – are the principles that guide us as we take care of our customers and work with each other,” said Wade Douroux (pictured), president and CEO of Resource, adding the company wants its employees to embody those values and looks for honest, ethical, hardworking people who share those beliefs to join the team.

“We demand excellence from ourselves and each other, and this level of service is the reason our company has been so successful and continues to grow,” he added.

Small but mighty, Resource offers the products, programs, technology and innovation to compete with anyone, regardless of size, but Douroux says it takes pride in “being a boutique company and running laps around much larger competitors.” The team actively encourages each other to “act like a start-up” and keep that fire burning, and know that above all the customer experience is why we’re all here,” Douroux said.

For his part, Douroux calls himself a transparent and hands-on leader. Resource works with a flat organizational structure “so we skip the layers of bureaucracy and the costs associated with those excess layers.”

“I believe in honest, open communication and invest in the training of our team so everyone is empowered with the skills and the knowledge to make decisions that allow us to move forward quickly,” he said. “This supportive, team-focused working environment makes everyone feel valued so they build trust in each other and in the company.”

Trust is important at Resource, and, along with those RISE principles, contributes to a strong company culture where people rely on each other and take pride in a job well done. While the company’s mission – to help people achieve the American dream of home ownership through custom mortgage solutions – is always the focus, employees find the support and flexibility they need to balance their careers and the other parts of their lives, such as caring for family members.

Resource offers excellent opportunities for growth, as well as a generous benefits program including competitive pay, medical, dental, vision and life insurance and a company matched 401k. The company’s annual trip also offers a unique perk – if they meet their sales goal for the year, all employees are awarded the trip and are able to bring a family member.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations may look a little different, but the important thing is Resource was able to move quickly to get people set up remotely and keep everyone safe. Regular company-wide Zoom meetings ensured employees didn’t lose touch or miss the opportunity to share information, and while initially they were daily briefs due to the rapidly changing market conditions, Resource adapted quickly to the “new normal.” Over time Douroux said they were able to move to weekly meetings and very recently made the Zoom calls bi-weekly.

“Our strong culture and small business values have allowed us to rise and handle the pandemic volume, which was four times our normal loan volume, under these circumstances,” said Douroux. “Resource is an incredible place to work – we are really all in this together.”