The company boasts that its agents close almost three times the number of deals than other agents and sell homes for $2,200 more on average.

Dr Fairweather added: “We have something called the compete score that people can look at to gauge how difficult it will be to win a home, and we have metrics on how long it takes the home to sell.

“We pride metrics on what we call the Redfin estimate, which will indicate what we think the home will ultimately sell for. All of that helps customers make a really strong offer and know exactly how quickly they have to move to get the offer accepted.”

Looking forward, the spokesperson said Redfin was looking to integrate software to pool people’s employment records and eliminate the need to fill out an entire application online and get pre-approved.

In fully underwritten deals, Redfin also intends to offer a closing guarantee, vowing to refund clients $1,000 of the deposit guarantee in the event of a delay in closing within 21 days.