has launched a new iBuying comparison site that allows home sellers to compare iBuyers’ information side by side. Currently,’s Seller’s Marketplace allows sellers to compare offers from Opendoor, EasyKnock, HomeGo and More options will be added soon, the company said.

Users provide Seller’s Marketplace with basic information about their home, and the website will present them with the iBuying options available in their area. The site will provide side-by-side estimates for sale price, timeline and more with no upfront cost, said.

“Seller’s Marketplace is a one-stop shop for home selling information, resources and connections,” said David Masters, director of product management at “Rather than become an iBuyer ourselves, aims to be a trusted and unbiased source that points consumers in the right direction and enables them to make the right decisions for their home and their family.”

The site will educate sellers on several different scenarios, including instant offers, sale-leaseback programs, and listing the home on the open market. Currently, options include:

  • Sell Now via instant offer with Opendoor
  • Sell Now, Move Later with EasyKnock
  • Sell Now in Any Condition with HomeGo or
  • List on the open market with an agent

“Even as retail, grocery and financial services have gone digital, the real estate transaction has remained mostly online,” said Tom Willerer, chief product officer at Opendoor. “With a simple idea to give consumers the freedom to move on their own terms, we’ve created a digital experience that removes the hassles of buying and selling a home. And now, when a homeowner visits to star their selling journey, they can request an offer from Opendoor,’s iBuyer partner, as an alternative to selling their home on the open market. We’re looking forward to working with to provide a fully digital, safe and hassle-free selling experience for even more homeowners.”