The balances of loans and savings serviced on the Phoebus servicing platform have now increased to over £70bn.

Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) has made an investment in its originations API which enables lenders to onboard mortgages from any originations’ platform.

Other major investments include the Phoebus’ self-service portal which allows borrowers to digitally self-serve their mortgage accounts helping to stem the flow of calls and correspondence into client call centres.

Richard Pike (pictured), sales and marketing director at PSL, said: “We continue to grow both organically and in new business wins.

“The Phoebus product suite is renowned both in terms of functionality and stability and through our ecosystem and digital deliveries we can only see more successes in the future. Our continued investment in our products will ensure Phoebus remains at the forefront of market requirements and we look forward to announcing several new initiatives over the coming months.”

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