LV=, Aegon and Canada Life are the final group of insurers to be ranked in Protection Guru’s Operational Report Ratings.

Since the launch of its first Operational Report Ratings, which benchmark providers for their abilities to support protection advisers and their clients in 10 key operational areas, Protection Guru has now published 12 insurers’ factsheets.

The previous batch of insurers to receive their rankings were Legal & General, Vitality and Royal London.

alice watson canada life

Canada Life reduces rates across Capital Select Options range

Concluding the series, LV= achieved an overall score of 4.9/10, Aegon scored 3.8/10 and Canada Life scored 3.4/10,  achieving the lowest overall position in the ratings.

Adam Higgs, head of research at Protection Guru, said: “The Operational Report Ratings are designed to encourage providers to improve how they interact with and support advisers and their clients.

“The ratings enable advisers to identify the areas where providers can improve in these key areas, enabling advisers to give more informed and more confident protection advice, ensuring clients get the protection they really need.”