PLS Solicitors have launched an Alexa Skills app to expand its technology offering to clients.

askPLS allows customers to remotely check the status of their case, check whether PLS has received their documentation, get their solicitors contact details, ask whether they have received their mortgage offer or if exchange of contracts has taken place.

Customers access their fees and disbursements (which it lists for the user), they can askPLS for the description of why PLS Solicitors is charging that specific fee and Alexa will explain ‘why’ in detail.

Dean Carruthers, PLS head of operations, said: “For us it’s about more than just bricks and mortar. The vision for PLS Solicitors is to ensure our customers understand everything about their transaction and have multi-platform real time access to their case 24/7.

“As something happens during the legal process, the askPLS service updates in real time and can supply an array of dynamic information to a client as soon as they ask for it.

“When designing this functionality, we were keen to ensure that our clients receive even more detail on any legal jargon that they may encounter during the conveyancing process.

“So, as well as real time updates, the askPLS service can explain 101 different pieces of conveyancing terminology. We believe harnessing technology in this way adds an extra level of client care to our service.”

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