Co-ordinating efforts with all the other major players – the realtor, lender UWM, and the city of Philadelphia – he set a close target to file all the paperwork on time. “We had some appraisal issues that needed repairs. I really had to keep my sanity under control and not get frustrated,” he said.

With frayed nerves that led, on occasions, to virtual “screaming matches” between Kwon and the client, who feared the house was slipping away, the deal went down the wire.

“Thanks to a total team effort, we were able to cross the line. I still think it was a miracle from God that we were able to do it,” said a relieved Kwon. “I would have hugged her, but I couldn’t because of COVID – I couldn’t even attend the closing.”

All the hard work hadn’t gone unnoticed, however, and his client showed her appreciation by giving Kwon a “great review”. The experience also brought the two closer, beyond what had – to all intents and purposes – been a mere financial transaction.

“She closed on September 03, so we’re coming up to the big, one-year anniversary soon,” he said. “I have to give her a ring and just check on her to make sure she’s enjoying her home and doing well.”