PHH Mortgage, a subsidiary of Ocwen Financial Corporation, has doubled its efforts to help its borrowers hit by the coronavirus crisis through its partnership with the NAACP.

The mortgage originator announced Thursday that it would host more than 30 regional virtual borrower outreach events for PHH Mortgage customers who are struggling to make mortgage payments due to COVID-19.

The virtual events provide attendees with information regarding mortgage relief options and feature speakers from PHH Mortgage and a local HUD-certified counseling agency. After the event, homeowners can schedule a virtual one-on-one meeting with a housing counselor and PHH Mortgage Home Retention Agent to discuss their situations and help them explore the mortgage assistance options available to them.

“In response to the pandemic, PHH Mortgage was quick to reinforce its commitment to creating positive outcomes for its customers, particularly those who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. Our expanded partnership with the NAACP and local housing counseling agencies is just one of the ways we are working to help borrowers get through this difficult time period,” said Tamara Gifford, director of community and external relations at Ocwen.

NAACP and PHH Mortgage previously conducted virtual outreach events in New York, Maryland, Central Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio. The next three events will be held in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.

“In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we are appreciative for this continued partnership with PHH Mortgage to further ensure that our constituents have an equal opportunity to save their homes,” said Jacquelyne Ward-Richardson, national fair housing manager of economic programs at the NAACP. 

Since the onset of the pandemic in March, PHH Mortgage has put more than 130,000 borrowers in a mortgage forbearance plan.