Pepper Money has outlined that it will now allow brokers to instruct their own valuations.

The decision relates to the lender wanting to give brokers greater control over the progress of their application, it noted.

As a result of the change, brokers can instruct valuations at any time in the process once their customer’s application has been assessed.

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Once Pepper Money has assessed all of the decision-making documents, it will automatically instruct a valuation, but brokers can choose to instruct the valuation earlier to speed the progress of the case.

Paul Adams, sales director at Pepper Money, said: “Why let your customer wait for a valuation when you are confident a case is going to proceed?

“We give brokers more control over the progress of their applications by instructing their own valuations as soon as the application has been reviewed, which means they no longer have to wait for all of the documents to be reviewed to get the ball rolling on the valuation.

“This is an important tool for brokers as it means they can give their customers an advantage in a competitive market where time is of the essence.

“We continue to support brokers with a speed of service that means we are still within 24 hours at every stage of our process, so they can be confident they won’t get held up in delays.

“When it comes to meeting the deadlines and demands of customers in this competitive property market, your application is better with Pepper.”