Paradigm Mortgage Services is set to run its first workshop to support those considering going directly authorised (DA) by the regulator.

According to the firm, this will be its third year it has ran organised events dedicated to helping firms either move from appointed representative (AR) to DA status, or supporting those who intend to set up their own DA firms.

The ‘Going Directly Authorised’ online workshop will take place on 2 March and will be held online.

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Presentations will be given by Christine Newell, technical director of Paradigm Mortgage, Mike Allison, head of protection, Julie Rowe, consultant, and Graeme Stewart, head of consultancy.

Each session is designed to help attendees increase their understanding of what to expect on becoming DA and improve their understanding of what to consider when deciding whether it is the right time or the right decision.

In addition, the workshop seeks to outline the initial and ongoing costs involved in going DA, as well as the pros and cons of leaving a network, including a cost-analysis.

Attendees will also hear from Jo Nelson of JPN Mortgage Solutions on her recent experience of using Paradigm to become DA.

Furthermore, attendance at the online workshop will be confidential and no third-party lenders, providers, networks or support service firms will be there.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “We’re delighted to be hosting another event focused on helping firms go DA, and by moving this online we hope that more individuals considering this move will be able to benefit from the expertise that our team can offer on this subject.

“In addition, we will be able to maintain complete confidentiality, which we know is very important for those attending.

“We’re aware that for some firms the move to DA can seem daunting so we wanted to use these workshops to outline the process, what firms can expect, and perhaps most importantly, the support that is available to reach a successful conclusion with the regulator.

“Also, the FCA is currently consulting on its regulatory fees and levies for 2021-22, and the likelihood is those costs will increase in the future; it may therefore be good timing to consider options now before potential future cost increases.

“We understand that going DA is not for everyone, and as with everything in business, timing is key.

“The workshop is primarily about de-mystifying the process, whether you’re an adviser wanting to go on your own, or a firm wanting to move from AR to DA status, these sessions provide practical information and a way to help them move confidently and smoothly through the process.

“It also gives attendees the opportunity to secure answers to all the questions they might have about moving to DA, and we’ll be opening up the session at the end to allow individuals to ask their questions to Julie Rowe and Christine Newell, who have extensive experience of supporting firms and individuals in this position.

“We will also be offering all attendees a one-to-one phone or video call following the event, allowing them a chance to secure more detailed information if needed.

“We’re looking forward to holding this event and would encourage any individuals or firms interested in looking at their options in the DA space to register as soon as possible.”