Paradigm Mortgage Services has launched a lender matrix outlining the approach of lenders to search indemnity insurance.

The matrix is available to view for free via the firm’s website and contains information on which lenders on Paradigm’s panel are currently accepting search indemnity insurance for purchase and remortgage business.

Paradigm is providing this information to advisers as lenders respond to delays in the provision of local authority searches.

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Christine Newell, mortgage technical director at Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “A growing number of lenders are either reviewing their acceptance of search indemnity policies or are already accepting them, in light of the growing delays within many local authority’s search departments.

“Each lender however also has different policies and expectations in place, and this new Paradigm lender matrix not only outlines the approach taken but provides further detail for advisers to utilise in order to progress their cases.

“The expectation is that the next few months in particular will be incredibly busy and we believe all advisers will benefit from access to this information in one place which is why we have made the matrix available to all.

“We will update this regularly and hope advisers’ ability to see this information will help them in moving their cases through the pipeline more quickly.”

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