Paradigm has launched two new essential skills workshops focused on key areas of compliance.

The two online sessions are aimed at mortgage, protection and investment advisers, as well as compliance staff.

Paradigm believes the workshops will help firms get to grips with the basics and fine-tune their skill sets to ensure compliant advice is delivered and stronger client relationships are built.

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The first session on 25 March, is entitled ‘What Good Looks Like: How to Make A File Suitable’ and will focus on how to document the advice process correctly so that the file is deemed ‘suitable’.

The session will look at how to document fact finding, outline objectives, the assessment of the attitude to risk, and suitability report content.

The FCA’s examples of what good files look like will be the basis of this presentation, and the session will provide real-life examples, as well as practical guidance.

The second session on 29 April, is entitled ‘What Good Looks Like: Disclosure & Fee Agreements’, and will cover off firms’ client agreements and fee agreements, outlining the rules and expectations around these key documents.

The session will look at why having ‘fair, clear and not misleading’ disclosure documentation is so important to the FCA, a brief recap of the main disclosure rules, and a review of the disclosure process.

It will run through the template document that Paradigm provides for firms and offer real-life practical examples and guidance on what good looks like.

Each session will also offer hints, tips, best practice and insights into FCA expectations and will include an interactive Q&A session.

Christine Newell, mortgages technical director of Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “Understanding the fundamentals of the advice process is a bedrock on which all financial services professionals can base their activity and their business.

“We know that good documentation is absolutely key, and we need to ensure – whether as advisers, owners of firms, or compliance departments – that all our files are correct, and they tell the story of the advice process correctly.

“These sessions have been designed for both the experienced financial services professional who may need a refresher or those who are new to the industry and require an introduction.

“Our team of compliance experts will take delegates through the different courses step by step, and we’ll aim to show just exactly what good looks like in order that you can advise and trade with confidence.

“The team deal with advisory firms day in, and day out, and therefore truly understand what is required to meet the regulator’s requirements.”