Data from real estate expert Astons has revealed that 52% of postcodes have seen a property price increase since the end of 2019.

Among these, the W1 postcode is at the top of the list, where house prices have increased by £495,756.

SW13 followed this, with the average property price rising by £207,971 over the same timeframe.

Residential transactions dropped 41% in 2020

In addition, SE21 noted a £119,354 rise, SE27 was up £110,751 and SE7 recorded an increase of £119,854 since 2019.

The average price of a property in London has risen by £34,526 since the end of 2019.

Arthur Sarkisian, managing director of Astons, said: “London has been hit harder than most where a COVID decline in buyer interest is concerned, largely due to the need for a quick commute dwindling in importance amongst homebuyers.

“However, the London market is far from on its knees and although there is almost a fifty-fifty split between postcodes where pandemic price changes are concerned, those areas that have seen an uplift have performed very strongly indeed.

“While many domestic buyers have been romanticizing about dreams of moving to the countryside, London has remained very attractive to foreign buyers, in particular.

“This demand has been largely driven by the desire to complete before an increase in stamp duty on foreign purchases come April.

“As a result, some areas of the London market have seen sharp uplifts in property values despite the continued threat of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown restrictions.”