An estimated 26% of homeowners are considering moving in the next 12-months, according to a survey conducted by IDSystems, a glazing and bifold door specialist.

The survey also outlined that of the 26% of homeowners who intend to move house, 55% of those decisions relate directly to the pandemic.

Half of UK homeowners aged 18-24 and one third of those aged 25-34 are planning on moving house in the next 12 months due to COVID-19.

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Of those surveyed in London, 26.4% detailed that they are planning to move due to the impact of coronavirus.

Furthermore, a third of homeowners aged under 45 said that a bigger garden is the feature they would most like to add to their current home.

This was followed by more natural light (15.8%), a home office (13%) or home gym (11.9%).

The survey is based off the results of 1,000 UK homeowners.

Frank Buckley, chief executive of IDSystems, said: “This year has been one of frustration and uncertainty for homeowners, with many now feeling the need to make big changes, either by moving out of the city or maximising their existing spaces.”

“Through the challenges and restrictions people have faced, it is clear that British homeowners are not afraid to make big decisions to ensure their homes are providing the best possible environment for work, study and relaxation.”