One reason that Jon Maddux, CEO and co-founder of FundLoans, got into the lending game was his awareness that the banks were basing mortgage lending eligibility on increasingly narrowing criteria.

It was apparent that many high-leverage borrowers with considerable financial assets, or those good-credit borrowers with non-traditional forms of income, were falling through the bank lending cracks.

Maddux, therefore, saw an opening to provide much-needed funding for investors and borrowers who may not tick all the boxes with traditional mortgage lenders. He knew the answer lay in providing more creative lending options and loosening up tightly determined banking criteria.

It was evident to Maddux .that there was a need to provide alternative lending options for borrowers based on much more than income and credit score alone.

Maddux also recognized that these high-end borrowers had considerable financial assets and often had substantial equity in owned properties that could be utilized for collateral on high-leverage loans.