Openwork has called for individuals affected by job cuts to consider retraining in the advice sector.

The financial advice and investment network is looking to further its recruitment and is welcoming its next group of 31 trainees this month; the trainees will be split between Openwork’s wealth and mortgage programmes.

According to the network, it expects to have appointed 70 new wealth advisers and 40 new mortgage advisers from those who graduate this year.


Openwork Holdings makes double board appointment

Openwork believes it is achieving particular success in attracting people switching to second careers, as the average age of a candidate is 35.

Mike Morrow, wealth and platform director at Openwork, said: “It is a worrying time for many employees across the economy and even in the financial services industry with major banks and insurers cutting jobs.

“At Openwork we are very much focused on recruitment and are committed to increasing the number of advisers across our network to help meet the growing demand for financial advice.

“We are delivering on ambitious plans for expansion at the Academy for 2020 and into 2021 and are particularly interested in hearing from people looking to change their careers and to join a fast-growing business.”

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