Bridging finance provider OFFA has joined the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL).

OFFA is the first bridging lender in the UK to offer products that are designed in accordance with Islamic and ethical financing principles.

It provides residential, commercial, refurbishment and planning bridging loans as well as development finance, and its management team has combined experience of more than 50 years of property finance experience.

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Bilal Ahmed from OFFA, said: “Shariah-compliant finance is now an established part of the mainstream UK financial services landscape, used by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“With OFFA, we’ve extended its reach into short-term lending, and are already seeing significant demand as property investors seek alternatives to the high street.

“As a company that acts in accordance with ethical financing principles, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent in all our dealings and prioritise high quality customer service.

“So it was a natural fit with us to become members of the ASTL, which promotes these values throughout the industry.”

Vic Jannels (pictured), CEO of the ASTL, added: “I’d like to welcome OFFA to the ASTL. As with all of our members, the team at OFFA has demonstrated a customer focus and commitment to upholding and promoting our Code of Conduct, which is a kitemark of quality throughout the industry.

“I would encourage all brokers seeking a short term lending solution for their clients, to look for ASTL membership as a badge of quality.”