Octane Capital has released a buy-to-let calculator.

According to the firm, the calculator reduces the application time for its BTL product range.

The application process for the firm’s BTL range is now down to two pages, and the calculator provides further value by identifying the correct product for prospective borrowers in one minute, Octane Capital outlined.

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Furthermore, a user can download the proposed product and loan structure, which includes key information such as nominal pay rate, monthly payment, max LTV and ERC structure.

Mark Posniak, managing director at Octane Capital, said: “We have invested heavily in tech during 2020 and our new B2L calculator, spearheaded by Oli Greenspan, our head of marketing and internal sales, has further collapsed time to completion.

“It is ultra-intuitive, quick to use and gives introducers a huge amount of downloadable information that they can subsequently refer to when completing their formal application.

“It ties in perfectly with our strategy of making the sales process frictionless and getting deals across the line faster than ever, often in half the time it traditionally takes.”