Norton Home Loans has collaborated with Freedom Finance to launch a digital document process for secured loans using NIVO.

NIVO is an instant messaging platform with built-in encryption features that comply with regulatory and security requirements.

Stephen Lawrence, national sales manager at the Norton Finance Group, said: “The NIVO process meets the new requirements announced by HM Land Registry on 4 May 2020.

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“It will definitely speed up the completion process as often the legal charge document is incorrectly completed by either the customer, witness or both.

“It will be a simple process using NIVO SMT for Freedom Finance to resend the legal charge document to their customer and have it completed correctly.”

Josh Bowe, head of digital operations at Freedom Finance, added: “We are proud to partner with Norton as we take advantage of the digital transformation opportunities that have arisen due to the environment we now operate within.

“Norton and Freedom Finance have built a strong and impressive relationship together, so this initiative further enhances the partnership whilst offering customers a faster and more convenient way to find the finance they require.

“We firmly believe that this HM Land Registry announcement is one of the first big steps towards automating and improving the Second Charge mortgage process.”