“LoanNEX is very excited to be partnering with LendingPad,” said Eloise Schmitz, CEO of LoanNEX. “Over the last year, we have seen the LendingPad team make very innovative advancements to deliver an intuitive and comprehensive loan origination platform to meet the evolving needs of originators and homeowners. The spirit of the partnership is to give originators more access to more products, so they are positioned to serve more borrowers.”

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“Integrations we commit to at LendingPad must drive value to our customers. With the volatility we have seen in agency lending over the past year, we knew it was imperative we provide our customers this competitive edge,” said Daniel Smith, LendingPad’s vice president of sales and strategy. “LoanNEX has become synonymous with non-QM pricing and will offer users unique access to non-QM products and pricing. In today’s environment, keeping loans in the pipeline is vital. LoanNEX and LendingPad are committed to helping loan officers do that.”