Davis underscored the importance of adding non-QM to a broker’s strategy can help them become market experts that investors trust.

“When you’re working with an investor, you have to have the right tools in order to be an investor that’s going to help you get to be a partner,” he said. “And we can talk about all those different tools whether it’s a structured scenario, calculator, flyers, etc., but the biggest thing is working with a partner who’s going to teach you about the product, help you leverage those products, leverage their resources and then use, teach you how to go out and find these products. A lot of these loan originators haven’t had to go out, or don’t know non-QM.

“So, you have to show them, hey, work with the realtor. The realtor is self-employed. They have friends that are self-employed. Realtors are investors. Teach them how to go in front of CPAs and accountants, and wealth managers, maybe for asset depletion or utilization. Maybe join the local REIA, a real estate investment community, or a club that meets once a month at a local Marriott. There are hard money lenders there. There are investors there. That’s a great place to go and find DSCR loans.

“If you train, you become a pro or an expert. I’m a firm believer in working with your investor, someone that’s all dedicated, that’s going to invest in you and help you get a lift into space. So I think the biggest opportunity for brokers is learning the product and becoming an expert in their space will allow them to penetrate realtor relationships and grow their business in today’s environment.”

You can watch the full non-QM power panel here: Thriving amid the turmoil.