“From an employer perspective, but also in a home lending perspective, one of the ways diversity and lending and meeting people where they are and offering homeownership in all areas to all individuals as opposed to what we have historically seen in the market,” Hall said. “So, the mortgage industry needs two things to do from a diversity perspective. One is employment, and then there also is access to lending, [which needs] to be more diverse than it is today.

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“We have seen that Caucasian borrowers have higher FICO scores, lower debt-to-income ratios, and qualify for loans at a higher pace with the change in the moves that have been made with CFPB and FHFA. They are looking for ways to provide lending to more diverse groups and flatten the divide between white homebuyers, Black homebuyers and also Hispanic homebuyers, which is predicted to be the largest home-buying segment by 2025.

“So we need to look for ways as lenders and an industry to decrease the gap between disparity and lending. And that’s what’s getting loan officers in places, putting loan officers in places that they are able to offer those products. That’s what we can do as a mortgage lender is marketing and advertising to all demographics, but also adding loan officers to the industry working within diverse communities.”

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