Mortgage tech provider Nexsys Technologies has partnered with insurance company Lemonade to simplify the homeowners’ insurance verification process.

The companies announced that Lemonade is now available via Nexsys’ Clear HOI platform, which digitizes the traditionally manual communication between mortgage lenders and homeowners’ insurance companies. The integration enables mortgage lenders to use the tool with even more clients.

“Home financing has been totally redesigned, transforming it from a pen-and-paper system to a completely digital experience for more and more lenders. As mortgage lenders are adapting to this new reality, they are realizing sticking points where technology can be injected to clear hurdles and improve the process. Clear HOI is a solution that adds 21st-century innovation to one of the remaining manual steps in the mortgage transaction,” said Mike Lyon, executive vice president of Nexsys Technologies.

Nexsys has also developed a new set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that would allow lenders to collect evidence of insurance directly into their loan origination systems (LOS) while ensuring that a client’s privacy is protected.

Using these APIs, the company will work with Lemonade’s AI-powered insurance platform to provide easy access between Lemonade and a lender’s LOS. This will allow Lemonade to quickly confirm if a client has provided consent to share their insurance information.

“We are proud to have Lemonade on board,” Lyon said. “We are quickly seeing the mission of Clear HOI being realized as more lenders and insurance providers sign-on. We are approaching a tipping point where companies will realize that offering Clear HOI and other innovative Nexsys tools, will allow them to compete and deliver a better experience for their clients.”