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“NewDay is fortunate to have our employees come to work every day and serve veteran families,” NewDay USA CEO Rob Posner said. “We are proud to have West Palm as our new home where we’re able to work, live and play.”

Additionally, the firm said it is working with real estate developer Related Co. to relocate its Maryland-based headquarters to West Palm Beach. The new business headquarters will have over 1,500 employees living and working in and around West Palm.

“NewDay USA has been an excellent addition to our superb roster of South Florida corporate tenants,” said Stephen Ross, chairman and founder of Related Cos. “This is an excellent opportunity to prominently display the name of a vibrant, successful organization that serves military and Veteran families at the top of one of our finest properties in Florida and West Palm Beach.”

During the pandemic, many financial companies in the northeast region have moved their offices to West Palm Beach. The city has been dubbed the “Wall Street South” due to its booming office market, which bucks the national trend of increasing office vacancies.