The most commonly asked question is ‘how long does a mortgage application take?’ with over 20,000 annual searches, according to

The price comparison site outlined that this varies from case-to-case, however as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the time taken to process an application has increased.

‘How long does a mortgage offer last?’ came in second with 17,480 searches.

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Mortgage offers typically last between three and six months from the date offered, however this varies from lender-to-lender, according to

The proceeding top searches were ‘how to get a mortgage with bad credit?’ at 14,800, ‘what is an interest only mortgage?’ at 14,360, and ‘what is a lifetime mortgage?’ at 14,250.

Looking to bridging loans, the top search was noted as ‘what is APR?’ with 73,700 searches.

‘What is a bridging loan?’ followed with 23,500 searches, and ‘what is a bounce-back loan?’ with 20,510 searches.

There were also over 20,000 searches from people looking for support from the government’s bounce bank loan.