New mortgage intermediary Home me has launched with the intention of giving access to mortgages for individuals with small deposits.

Home me is a whole market broker, which specialises in boosting mortgages.

Bulent Kandemir, director of Home me, said: “Our mission is to help people to get out of renting and into home owning. We believe there is a great opportunity not just to help people find the best mortgage deal, but to help them access funds that can make the difference be-tween buying their first property and buying their first home.

“Home me understands that people’s buying power increases as they gain more experience and years in their jobs, however they increasingly miss the boat with the property market.

“We are constantly hearing the feedback from people that after taking years to save a deposit to buy a property in a desired location, property prices have moved up again, meaning buyers have to save further for an even bigger deposit and the wait to own a property just gets longer and longer.”