Nationwide is set to lead a cross-sector group that will focus on assisting the UK in recovering and rebuilding post COVID-19.

The Consumer Insight Panel consists of Asda, Citizens Advice, Fairer Finance, Ipsos MORI, Kingfisher, Money Saving Expert, Resolution Foundation and Which?.

The group, which will meet every quarter, intend to build on previous collaborative work Nationwide did in bringing together organisations to identify issues resulting from the UK leaving the EU back in 2016.

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Relevant outputs from the panel will be published to help spark national debate, provide insight and share knowledge.

In partnership with Ipsos MORI, the lender has identified four key areas to rebuild.

‘Home’, how and where we live; ‘work’, how and where we do our jobs; ‘community’, how we interact with the world and each other, and ‘financial wellbeing’, how we support ourselves and others in times of need.

Nationwide has commissioned Ipsos MORI to explore these themes this year, with reports being published throughout 2021.

Furthermore, the first meeting will take place in February.

Joe Garner, chief executive of Nationwide Building Society, said: “The pandemic is very much a human crisis.

“While the near-term outlook has recently darkened, we cannot wait until the pandemic has fully passed before considering how we can rebuild for the future.

“There is a chance for a regeneration of society that builds on what we have learned in 2020 – from the way we have supported one another to the way we work.

“We believe we can show that it’s possible for communities and businesses to support one another to deliver real change.

“We are joining some of the UK’s biggest brands and consumer groups in building a comprehensive picture of where we are today and where we can get to tomorrow.

“As a building society founded on the principle of cooperation, we believe that this is a time when it is important that we act together.

“We call on leaders across business, government and civil society to join us for the mutual benefit of our communities at a time they most need us.

“We believe that lasting change can only ever be created through consensus and collaboration.”