InstaMortgage and Milestones are partnering to help consumer better understand the value of their property as well as financial scenarios for refinancing and home equity borrowing.

Milestones focuses on a homeowner portal designed to help consumers more easily buy, move, sell, manage, and access mortgages for their home. InstaMortgage is a technology-driven mortgage lender licensed in 27 states.

Milestones’ platform monitors the value of a home, provides search options for homes for sale, and manages the selling and mortgage processes. 

As part of the partnership, InstaMortgage will make Milestones client portfolios available to consumers for free through its own platform. Loan officers, through Milestones, can invite clients into web-based homeownership hubs to manage home maintenance, view home values, monitor home sales in their area, search for property, and identify mortgage refinance or trade in options.

“More than ever, it is critical for mortgage companies to identify opportunities for engaging their existing and prospective customers in new, creative ways,” InstaMortgage Chief Lending Officer Jim Black said in prepared remarks.